PH Real Estate Group is a family-owned Philadelphia, PA based real estate investment firm, that specialize in buy and hold rental property acquisition and management, and retail flip projects.  Founded by cousins Jonathan Holt and Gabriel Plagge over 12 years ago, PH Real Estate Group has grown a portfolio of over 50 single family cash-flowing rental properties, and has rehabbed many more distressed homes in the local market. Our attached Schedule of Real Estate Owned details each completed project, cash flows, and profits, beginning in August of 2007.

Our company has successfully developed a strong team of real estate agents, property managers, contractors, fellow investors, title companies, and funding sources, enabling us to take on each new project with a scientific approach.  We are able to create realistic timelines for each stage of any real estate transaction that our company takes on and predict the exact rental and after repaired value for our investments, thereby reducing our exposure to risk.

Financial Summary

The first quarter of 2018 will begin another successful year for PH Real Estate Group.  We will see spectacular profits on several retail flip deals in the South Philadelphia, Fairmount, Graduate Hospital, and University City markets- as noted on our attached Closed and Pending Flips document.  Currently, our retail sales are our primary profit center.

We also have bolstered up our strategy for ongoing monthly cash flow, primarily by concentrating on each unit that we currently control, and switching many of our properties over to Philadelphia Housing Authority Housing Choice partnerships.  We have found a win-win relationship with PHA in that we are able to collect higher than market rents that are guaranteed on a monthly basis, and keep tenant retention high with 2 year leases, while providing safe, high quality housing for fellow Philadelphians.  Today, we are very close to 100% occupancy, and in the very near future, we should have our units completely rented- many of which will be occupied by Section 8 tenants.

Currently, we are working with several local lending partners to finance our buy and hold deals.  We have developed key relationships with many lenders, all which have been vital to our continued success.  In addition to growing our buy and hold property portfolio, we will continue to search for more buy and sell retail deals that have proved profitable for our companies over the years.

Acquisition Strategies

Currently, our focus is the acquisition of distressed single family homes that meet our retail flip criteria in the Delaware Valley, as well as purchasing multi-family properties between 10 and 50 units in Southeastern PA, Delaware, and other emerging markets nationwide.  Our acquisition strategy is 3- fold.  We contact property owners directly and purchase from them, we have strong relationships with brokers who will offer on and off market deals to us, and we work with fellow real estate investors who keep our pipeline flowing with profitable projects.

Marketing Plan

With each completed project, we become more and more knowledgeable with the markets that we currently are targeting.  Over time we have become experts in each localized zip code, down to actual blocks. This knowledge aids us immensely in choosing which properties to scout, which neighborhoods and blocks to avoid, and realistic rental Philadelphia as a whole continues to provide fantastic investment opportunities. Overall, the rental market is extremely strong, with many rents increasing, particularly in the South Philadelphia area, where we hold many of our rental units. As the neighborhoods that we are highly invested in appreciate, we will continue to adapt into becoming experts on the next areas that are ripe for appreciation, and financial gains for our private investors.


PH Property Group is comprised of founders Jonathan Holt, Nicholas Plagge, and Gabriel Plagge. At PH Property Group, we are all family.  This is why our partnership is so strong, and continues to work as we grow and scale our business to new levels. Each member provides a different skill set and resource that is vital to the success of the firm.  Jonathan Holt and Gabriel Plagge are the managing members, and most hands on in the day to day operations of the company.  This includes property acquisition,  managing projects,  directing contractors, and working closely with our professional property management team, all who have been integral to the success and expansion of our business.

Goals for 2018 and Beyond

2018 brings another exciting year for us, full of new opportunities and partnerships.  With our vacancy rate near 0, we are poised to make another acquisition push, as our target markets still favor our low risk investment strategy.  Now that we have solidified our rehab and tenant marketing systems to even stronger levels, we will begin to acquire multi-family properties between 10 and 50 units, and our monthly passive cash flow will grow significantly.  By the end of 2018, our goal is to purchase 50 units in emerging markets nationwide, including Philadelphia, PA.

Our retail flip business will continue to prosper in and around the Philadelphia Metro area, as more demographic trends point to Philadelphia as one of the country’s hottest real estate markets.  We are looking forward to continue working alongside of our local lending partners, and building on our mutually successful relationship for years to come.